Court Ordered Parenting Classes are required by law in many US jurisdictions for divorcing couples, or never married parents. It is important to learn how to continue co-parenting children, even though you are no longer a couple. Let us show you how to raise the kids you love with the EX you “Hate, when the thrill is gone.” We can help you and your children through this difficult period with our Parenting and Co-Parenting classes.

Sometimes, there are situations and issues that make co-parenting, difficult or inappropriate. For some, the divorce or separation was accompanied with mental and physical abuse, substance abuse or protective orders and other high conflict issues. During this time, parallel parenting may be the best they can do.

For Our Kids Parenting and Co-Parenting Services, provide educational support and helpful information on how to parent and co-parent your children while living with both parents in the home, or living in separate housing.

You will receive parenting tips on dealing with communication skills; understand the effects of conflict on your children; learn ways in which children get placed in the middle; discipline; problem solving; family planning and so much more. We also provide great resources on parenting books and referrals. Parents will receive a Certificate of completion upon completion of class.

Whether court ordered, or in need of basic parenting skills, this class is for you.  Email us at: Call now to register at 1- (757) 327-0481. We will be happy to assist you through both education and life experiences. Email us at: Visit our blogs at: and Fax us at: 
(1 866 221 7322  Need some "one on one" training? Give us a call at  (757) 327-0481.

Class Discussions:

  • Teach parenting skills in order to increase the effectiveness of parenting from two separate homes.  
  • Make parents aware of the impact of parental conflict on children.  
  • Assist parents in keeping children out of the middle of conflict.  
  • Help parents identify what triggers anger or conflict and teaches them techniques of problem solving and negotiation.
  • Help parents identify and meet the needs of their children.
  • Encourage the positive involvement of both parents in the lives of their children.
  • Discuss some of the barriers encountered during parenting.

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