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The following free web sites provide parents, both married and unmarried (or still living in the same house), with an understanding, of how they can prevent their children from being harmed in both the short and long term by being placed in the middle of parents' conflicts with each other. We offer parenting advice as well as excellent parenting books for you and your kids.
For married or divorced parents.
For unmarried parents.
For parents unsure about divorce, or still in the same house.

The website below gives parents a very useful way of communicating with one another and, among other things, negotiating schedule changes. Quite, a comprehensive site. (Enter "Solutions4" for a 10% discount)

Parent living apart from one another often faces new and tough challenges in rethinking their parenting roles and "getting on the same page." The interactive parenting class named below has had demonstrated results in improving parenting effectiveness.

The Canadian government funded the development of an excellent web page of value to younger children, adolescents, and parents. Well-suited to parents and children viewing together. Highly recommended. 

An American counterpart of sorts to the above is shown below. In addition to thoughtful, well-developed guidelines to help children come to terms with the challenges of their parents being apart, the webpage has a treasure chest of helpful information on a huge range of subjects. Once on the webpage, type in ‘It’s my Life’ or scroll down to this choice; once there, click on ‘Family’, then, under ‘More topics’, click on Divorce.

Suited more to parents is -- inspiring and thought provoking, highly readable brief commentaries on divorce, among other subjects. Numerous well-known divorce professionals have contributed insightful mini-essays. Sound tips for talking to children about divorce and breaking the news to them.

Parents looking for tips on how to conduct exchanges free of stress and conflict will appreciate – type in ‘child-friendly exchanges’.

Fathers in just about every circumstance will find thoughtful, practical and comforting insights on The best of the best in this category.

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