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Raising happy and responsible children in the 21st century is so important. Let us show you how to enjoy and cherish being a parent, no matter how challenging the task may seem.

For Our Kids Parenting and Co-Parenting Services, will clearly show you the step-by-step process of converting yourself into the greatest parent you can be to your kids. Our classroom will help you transform the taxing task of being a parent into a whole new ball game. Raising your kids will go from challenging and straining, to becoming fun and exciting! We provide parent education in an effective, creative and unique way. You will learn new ideas, as well as proven solutions in helping your children deal with the many problems they are facing at home and school. It was once said, “You can't teach an old dog new tricks,” well; I disagree. Many of us came from the “school," where children were “seen and not heard.”

While some of our experiences were positive, we had a lot of negative experiences as well. We did not have a “voice,” and many are struggling today as adults in communicating with others. This has to stop!

Through education, and effective parenting tools that you can use “NOW,” you will learn what you need to do today to help your children become well-adjusted, confident, happy and productive adults.

You will receive parenting advice and positive parenting tips on dealing with communication skills, discipline, problem solving, family planning, and so much more. We also provide great resources on parenting books and referrals. Whether court ordered, or in need of basic parenting skills, this class is for you. Call now to register at (757) 327-0481).We will be happy to assist you through both education and life experiences. Email us at: forourkids1st@aol.com. Visit our blogs at: http://forourkids1st.blogspot.comand http://parentingtodaysteen.blogspot.com 
 Newport News, VA  23605. Fax us at: (866-563-9212)  Need some "one on one" training? Give us a call at  (757) 327-0481.


  • Teach parenting skills in order to increase the effectiveness of parenting from two separate homes.  
  • Make parents aware of the impact of parental conflict on children. 
  • Assist parents in keeping children out of the middle of conflict.  
  • Help parents identify what triggers anger or conflict and teaches them techniques of problem solving and negotiation.
  • Help parents identify and meet the needs of their children.
  • Encourage the positive involvement of both parents in the lives of their children.
  • Discuss some of the barriers encountered during parenting.
  • Establish a relationship with your children.
  • Increase knowledge and skills in dealing with children you may or may not see daily. 






Like you...We put kids first
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Like You...We Put Kids First
The class was very helpful, it taught me positive parenting in a blended home. 

 Shirley M – Hampton VA
I enjoyed the role playing we engaged in during class .

Tom – Hampton VA
The class taught me how to talk to my children without yelling and getting upset. 

L. Thompson – Newport News VA
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March 18th
For Our Kids
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